OnPoint’s AccuraSee IOPCL Presentation at Max Symposium

At this year’s ASCRS, John Hovanesian, MD will be presenting OnPoint’s AccuraSee IOPCL during the X-Rounds Refractive Cataract Surgery to the Max Symposium. This fast-paced session will feature the latest and greatest in refractive cataract surgery.

The title of the “debate” is: The Best New Technologies on the Horizon”. We are honored and humbled to be considered. Dr. Hovanesian will discuss AccuraSee IOPCL Saturday, May 6, 2023 at 3:52 PM in San Diego, CA.

ASCRS 2023 Meeting

OnPoint Vision Sees Clear Road Ahead

OnPoint Vision has developed a 4.5 millimeter lens to help treat macular degeneration. The Food and Drug Administration initially accepted Kevin Cady’s proposal for an implantable lens to correct vision after cataract surgery. Then the

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OnPoint Vision, Inc.
6A Liberty Street, Suite 100
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

email: info@onpoint-vision.com

phone: (949) 688-0660

President & CEO

Kevin Cady is the CEO and Founder of OnPoint Vision™, a refractive company that designs, develops & manufactures intraocular lens implants, most specifically the AccuraSee™ Intraocular Pseudophakic Contact Lens (AKA: CadyLens) designed to fine-tune the refractive error of the pseudophakic eye as well as deliver vision recovery for patients who have experienced a decline in vision due to age-related retinal pathologies.  Prior to forming OnPoint Vision™, Mr. Cady joined Refocus Group in 2015 as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. From 2011 to 2014, Mr. Cady was the Regional Business Director for WaveTec Vision Systems, where he was responsible for the marketplace expansion of the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) system to ophthalmic surgeons. Prior to joining WaveTec Vision Systems, Mr. Cady was the Area Vice President of Sales for Bausch Lomb Surgical, after the company acquired Eyeonics. Mr. Cady has over 30 years in the ophthalmic industry theatre with extensive knowledge and experience in both the development of ophthalmic pharmacologic agents and medical device product line.

Mr. Cady has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Illinois State University. He is credentialed with over 35 patents worldwide with the  invention of the CadyLens, an Intraocular Pseudophakic Contact Lens (IOPCL) as well as related surgical instruments and medical devices.